How to Measure perfect bra Size?


Finding a bra of right choice is actually a difficult task. A lot of girls here still find it problematic to get a bra right according to their fitting and size. Whereas a perfectly fitted bra boosts up your confidence, a bad bra can make you feel bad about your figure and your body. That is why, we are here to guide you how to find the right bra size, just according to your body. With these easy steps, you will be able to learn how to determine your bra size accurately, and a bad bra would no longer be your choice anymore.


If you are wearing a bra of right size and correct fitting, you will be very comfortable in it. Here are a few ways to know that your bra is of the right size and perfect fitting:

  • The straps stay on the shoulders and do not fall down.
  • The band fits in properly against your back on the hook. You can check this by ensuring that there must be enough space to slide one finger underneath.
  • The cups completely cover the breasts. There must not be any gaps or overflow.
  • The underwire must sit comfortable under the breasts.

In a similar way, a bad bra will make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy. The wrong feels include:

  • The straps give painful marks on the shoulders.
  • The band are either too loose or too tight
  • The breasts overflow from the cups or either have gaps.
  • The underwire is not comfortable and at the right position, i.e. on the bottom of the breasts.


To determine your bra size accurately, it is important to measure the band size, then the bust size and lastly, the cup size. Seems difficult? Well actually not. Follow these steps, and you will be able to get a perfect bra size in no time. After you are done with this, it will become so easy for you to find a bra with the right fitting through market and even online!

Let’s get into the procedure for the right way to measure the bra size.





For this, you need to wear an unpadded or lightly lined bra. Now, with the help of a measuring tape, measure your band size. Wrap the tape across your back, and make sure it is parallel to the ground. Measure the size directly from under the bust. Round it off to the nearest even number and note it down as your band size.


To measure the bust size, place the measuring tape around the back, and measure from the fullest part of your breasts. Make sure that you have places the measuring tape accurately and parallel to the ground. Take a few deep breathes so that the measuring tape can rest on a comfortable position on the fullest part of your breasts.

STEP 3:  Measure the cup size:

This part is a bit tricky as variable cup sizes are available in the market, depending on the manufacturer. A common way to calculate the cup size is through subtraction of band size from the bust size. The difference of the two can be evaluated in the chart to find the right cup size for your breasts.